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SEO Has Never Been Simpler

I live a life of an SEO expert for the last 20 years, and I know how to make it easier to understand, follow me and I’ll show you.

Enjoy an SEO lifestyle

With SEO, you can do a lot of stuff and earn a lot of money, you don’t have to make it a side hustle, you can make it a lifestyle.

Niche Websites

With the right niche, you can make your own website that can give you a great income.

SEO Consolting

Every new SEO step that you will take and learn, the more businesses you can help.

Brand yourself

A trustworthy SEO knows how to make a brand of himself and how to make a profit from being one.

from start to finish

SEO is a long run, and you will have to stretch your legs before you start running; I’m here to help you with some easy exercises that can lead to a marathon. Just eat right and sleep well; we’ll do the rest together.

Get Excited to SEO

The process is easy


Set the right end-target

We all want to be better and bigger, but without any goal in mind, you are just a dreamer.


Choose the right SEO course

I have a different SEO course for each of your goals; choose the right one, and you are on your way to your goal.


Start your SEO Lifestyle

Never again just a dreamer, now you are an SEO pro lifestyle.

My happy Students

I've helped hundreds of people start their SEO lifestyle

Efrat Davidian

VP Business Development


As someone who has been breathing marketing for a few years I joined Samuel’s course to keep up to date in the field.
Each lesson was a world in its entirety!

Zero boring theory.
Full of new methods and shortcuts,
Checklists for immediate fieldwork.

In short, if I have not clarified myself until now – I highly recommend!

Mike Vingeruvsky

Digital Marketing


I entered Samuel’s course with minimal knowledge
in SEO.

Of course, I was initially apprehensive about studying a subject that sounded quite complex.

After the first lesson with Samuel, I felt I had come to the right course.

Alex Radulansky

DIgital Marketing


I highly recommend your course, really the highest level course there is! And you taught far beyond what I’ve imagined!

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